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Hartley McMaster is a management consultancy specialising in the use of analytical and structured methods to solve business problems. Founded in 1991 by Martin and Pam Slaughter, the company has since built a reputation for high quality, cost-effective work, establishing itself as one of the key suppliers in its niche market.

Our approach provides practical solutions supported by logical, robust and insightful analysis. We want our clients to benefit from powerful analytical methods and tools, built in solutions which they can use in a real business environment.

We provide the full range of analytical services. From basic Excel modelling and Quality Assurance, all the way up to bespoke development of machine-learning  solutions integrated into existing business systems. We have experience across all sectors: public, private and third sector. Our clients include most central government departments, major UK and international companies, and renowned charities.

The company has around 15 in-house consultants supplemented by a pool of trusted associates who provide additional capacity, capability and domain expertise. All our consultants hold a first degree in a STEM (or related) subject; most also hold post-graduate qualifications. More importantly, we recruit and train our people for their practical combination of skills in analysis, programming and communication. The data scientist ‘trifecta’.

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Hartley McMaster Ltd
Redfern House
105 Ashley Road
St Albans

+44 (0)1727 855432

Our Team

Our people are the key to our success. We work hard to ensure that we recruit high calibre staff and develop them, both in technical and consultancy skills.

All our consultants hold a first degree in a numerate discipline, e.g. statistics, operational research, economics. Most also hold related post-graduate qualifications. Our associates are typically ex-employees who have gone on to gain more in-depth experience in a particular domain or industry.

We ensure staff are trained to develop their skills and keep up to date with the latest analytical approaches, software and technology. These include methods for optimisation, simulation and pattern recognition, and developments in Business Intelligence. Plus, tools for statistical modelling, web applications and data visualisation, such as SAS, R, Python, Tableau and d3js (JavaScript).

We can offer a wide range of levels of experience, from Junior Consultants who have recently graduated through to Managing Consultants with more than 25 years of practical experience. This allows us to offer our clients teams which bring a cost-effective blend of skills and experience to their projects.

Our staff turnover is low. (Unlike many of the larger consultancies, we tend to hang onto and develop our graduates.) Something which allows us to provide continuity to clients on longer contracts and to field a ‘familiar face’ for clients on repeat business.

Our staff typically work with clients on-site, but can just as easily work from our own offices (or some mix of the two) depending on the needs of the project.

Work for us

We are a friendly, supportive company where everyone works together and helps each other. We treat our staff as individuals and their career development reflects this – training, promotion and responsibility depend on you, not on how long you’ve been with us. Our staff are very professional in their work and our reputation is extremely good, but we do find time to enjoy our working environment as well.

Analytical consultancy is at the core of everything we do. We need our staff to have strong numerate skills and typically recruit maths, OR, statistics, physics or economics graduates.

We are always on the look-out for new talent. Specific vacancies we are recruiting for will be advertised in the Current Vacancies section here.

If there is not an advertised vacancy which fits you, but you like the sound of the work we do and think you have what it takes, please register a general interest here.

For prospective graduates, you will need to have (or be on course to attain within the next 12 months) a BSc, MSc or PhD in a STEM or related subject. To register, please supply us initially with some brief details on your most recent graduate or postgraduate course: the degree, institution and when you graduated (or are due to). To complete registration, you will subsequently need to provide a CV and separate covering letter explaining why you would like to work for Hartley McMaster and what you would bring to the company.

For prospective experienced hires, you will need to have at least two years’ experience in an analytical role. To register you will need, as a minimum, to provide us with some brief details on: your degree; the sectors / industries you have worked in; your experience with analytical techniques and IT development. To complete registration you will subsequently need to provide us a full CV and separate covering letter.

If you register a general interest, you will be notified of any job opportunities when they arise and be subscribed to receive general news and updates from the company. If you complete registration by uploading a CV and covering letter we will perform an initial assessment to check you meet the minimum criteria. If you do meet these criteria, we will keep your CV on file as a prospective applicant.

Registered prospective applicants will be at an advantage when vacancies arise. They will be notified in advance of a vacancy being generally advertised. If we have a sufficient number of prospective applicants, the vacancy may be filled from these without being generally advertised.

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