How We Work

Our work with clients typically takes one (or more) of the following forms.

Interim Analytical Support

Many of our clients find they have a short term need for a skilled extra pair of hands to cover analytical vacancies, support one-off internal projects or to help rapidly scale-up or up-skill an in-house analytical team.

We can provide consultants at a wide range of experience and price points, often at very short notice. So, whether you just need a junior to act as the “Excel guru” on an in-house project, or someone with a decade’s experience leading analytical teams to build an in-house capability, we have you covered.

For interim support work our consultants will almost always be working on your site, fully integrated with your in-house team. (We can provide our own kit and/or work remotely if you prefer.) Typically, you would manage their day-to-day tasking, whilst we would retain their administrative and professional management. Unlike an agency or individual contractor, we can provide a substitute – and continuity – in the unlikely event a consultant becomes unavailable through force majeure. Our consultants can also always draw on the knowledge and expertise of their company colleagues, adding extra depth to the offering.

As a management consultancy, and not an agency or “umbrella company”, engaging with us can be done without the extra admin often associated with IR35 compliance. Our employees are on standard contracts, and therefore already pay all appropriate NI and PAYE taxes.

Project Work

Most of our engagements fit into the category of “project work”, with an agreed requirement, timescale and set of deliverables. These can be carried out entirely on client site, using your equipment and software, or from our own offices using our own technology. Or any hybrid of the two, as required.

All our staff have a high base level of competence in core analytical skills and tools such as Excel / VBA, SQL and data presentation. Each will have, on top of this, a further set of skills and experience. We staff projects with consultants whose experience and expertise best fit the requirement. If we need to supplement this with even more specialist experience, we have a pool of associates we can draw on. For large projects, we will occasionally partner with companies who provide complementary expertise, e.g. in Benefits Realisation or sector-specific econometrics.

Our consultants are experienced in gathering information using ‘soft’ methods (e.g. structured interviews) as well as the traditional ‘hard’ methods (e.g. sifting through reports or raw data). For all but the simplest projects, we keep a log of meetings, data sources, assumptions and key decisions; so that there is a clear audit trail supporting conclusions. Depending upon the nature and scale of the project we adopt either a waterfall or agile approach to project management. For example, a project to provide Quality Assurance on an existing analytical model would typically follow a standard waterfall approach. A project to deliver a new set of Business Intelligence reports and training is better managed using agile “timeboxes”, enabling new reports and functionality to be released in regular waves.

System Integration

Where an analytical model needs to be developed into a robust application for wider use, or integrated with a client’s existing systems and workflows, we have the technical experience to make this happen. When required, this usually comes as a requirement associated with a project. For example, we might develop a model, based on historic data, which predicts project cost overruns; and be required to deliver this model as a web app ‘tool’ which can be used by project managers and those developing or evaluating business cases.

We can integrate analytic solutions for entirely on-site use (e.g. where data is particularly sensitive) or deploy them using cloud-based technology, e.g. Azure or AWS, for robustness and scalability.

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